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Ordering a bespoke/ made to measure dress – customers are required to pay a 50%NON -REFUNDABLE deposit as a first payment on the date of ordering all bridal gowns, bridesmaids gowns and accessories. The balance of your gown must be paid  by your second fitting.

  •   No goods may be removed from the premises until full payment of the order has been fulfilled. In cases where a cheque is paid, goods will not be released until the cheque has been cleared by the bank ,which could take up to ten working days, unless it is supported with a valid cheque guarantee  card to the value of the amount required.
  •  Customers should retain their sales contracts, and any other receipts as proof of purchase, and be sure to have read this TERMS AND CONDITIONS NOTICE and fully understand its requirements.

MANTRIELLA Ltd has such terms to protect its business regardless of  your circumstance.

  • All items purchased are non-returnable/refundable.
Online orders – customers are able exchange items, we do not offer refunds for online orders unless the item is faulty. Payment is made in full at the time of the purchase. 


  • MANTRIELLA Ltd has the right to recover all losses to the business if the wedding is cancelled.
  • . Customers who cancel their sales contract are NOT entitled to a refund of ANY monies already paid up to and including the cancellation date.


If customers do not collect their goods within 3 months of the wedding date then the contract will be deemed cancelled without any further notification and any monies paid will not be refunded.


  • No fittings will be carried out on gowns that are not fully paid for by the date required.
  • Customers are asked to make themselves available for all fittings and alterations when reasonably required and should be prepared to attend for at least two fittings.
  • After the sales order contact has been signed and order placed, MANTRIELLA Ltd can not and will not accept any responsibility in respect of any changes which may occur in the Customers size and body shape. MANTRIELLA LTD can hold no responsibility for growth, weight gain/loss or pregnancy.

Please note: that if customers have a significant change in body shape or weight following the sales order being placed ,it is their responsibility to inform MANTRIELLA Ltd as soon as possible.


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