2023 Wedding Dress Trends Part 2

In our last post we were discussing all things 2023 Wedding dress trends and what to look out for. If you haven’t see this yet then check it out and return for part two where we will be continuing where we left off…

One thing we have been seeing circulating and loving are oversized dresses. These are definitely one to watch out for this year. The voluminous skirt and unstructured shape creates a very cool and relaxed silhouette that we want to see more of. 

Next, we’re saying goodbye to veils and hello to capes! Capes are one way to make a bold statement with your entrance and a trend we can definitely get on board with for the upcoming year. 

For our girly girls who love their glitz and glam we have something for you. Embellished dresses will always be a popular choice among many and for good reason. The way these glisten under lights make for a magical moment and in our opinion the more sparkles, the better! Don’t hold back – we want all the glitter and more. 

Lastly we have to acknowledge our mini’s because we’re loving the tiny dresses as opposed to the traditional maxi’s. Besides, all the more room to dance the night away right? 

That’s our trend predictions all wrapped up! We’re looking forward to what we will be seeing around and would love to know what you’re going for if your special day is coming up soon. Let us know!


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