Valentines Day Proposal Ideas:

With Valentine’s day fast approaching, some may have a little more planned than just a bouquet of flowers for their partners this year. If you’re looking for proposal ideas that skip the cliché stereotypes then you’re in the right place!

A good place to start is with the simple things and a home cooked meal is a true romantics dream. Sometimes extravagance isn’t needed and we take pleasure in the little things especially more intimate moments like this. All you need are some candles, music and some delicious home cooking and you’re off to a great start. 

On the other end of the spectrum is splashing out on a weekend getaway and although this might not be the most subtle lead up to the proposal, it will most certainly make it one to remember. That place will always going forward hold sentimental value and be a place close to your heart that you and your partner will forever share. 

Ladies will agree that thoughtfulness never goes unnoticed. So why not share a sentimental moment by revisiting a location special to both of you where maybe you shared your first date or kiss? Rekindling these memories are sure to make it a perfect place to ask the big question. 

Although it’s nice to have the moment to yourself, it’s also a precious time to share with family and friends and if you know your other half would like certain people to be there, a surprise party could be a fantastic idea to do this while surrounded by loved ones. 

You may want to show your love by treating your special somebody to something that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. After all, this is definitely an occasion worth splashing the cash for. Maybe there’s a fancy restaurant they’ve wanted to visit for a while or something that caught your eye that you know would be up their street. Make sure to let the waiters or staff know of your plans and I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to do their bit in making it memorable. 

All in all, really the ideas are endless. These are just a few to get the creative juices flowing. No matter what plan you chose to go for, we hope that the day goes smoothly and know it will be a magical moment no matter how it’s done!


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