2023 Wedding Dress Trends Part 1 

A new year means a new list of trends and we’re excited for the year to come because we’re leaving traditions behind and stepping outside the box! (Don’t worry to those traditionalists reading, we have some for you too…)

Firstly this year we’re stepping into colour! We all know weddings for the crisp white dresses however now our brides are looking to take risks and be more daring with their choices, from the pinks to the reds to even black! If this is a bit too rogue for you but you still want to inject some colour, consider a bright petticoat to wear under your dress – the perfect compromise if you don’t want to move too far out of your comfort zone. 

For those who are looking for an elegant touch but nothing too overstated, gloves are back! This is just the accessory to complete the look of sophistication and add that feel of opulence. You can be as daring as you like with this addition and don’t be scared to go big as they’re always removable throughout the day. 

On the topic of being daring – when it comes to bows – we believe the bigger the better! These continue to stay a popular choice and we love the nostalgic look these have.

The 90’s continue to keep coming back in fashion as we’re throwing it back to the chic minimalist slip dresses. Big gowns and long trains aren’t for everybody and we personally love when a bride decides to strip it back to the basics.  

It’s not all about dresses this year though, who says brides are limited to to them only? – In 2023 we’re a big advocate for making trousers a thing! Nothing screams female empowerment more than a bride in a suit. What are your thoughts?

These were just a few of our top favourites but we still have plenty more to come. Check out our part 2 blog to see our other predictions!



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