Christmas Cocktail ideas.  
Party season has started! 
Read on to discover Christmas Party Cocktail ideas. 
Gingerbread Martini  
Make your celebration one to remember with this pre-mixed gingerbread martini cocktail you can gift to friends. It’s the perfect Christmas present
Peppermint Mojito
Combine the classic mojito with Christmassy peppermint in this candy-cane-inspired cocktail. To prep for a party you could make some mint syrup in advance. 
Get into the festive spirit with eggnog, a classic Christmas drink made with brandy, cream, eggs and vanilla. Serve with plenty of ice in tumbler glasses. 
Espresso Shrub Martini 
Enjoy this lower-alcohol espresso martini. It’s great for parties and festive gatherings where guests may like a drink with less alcohol but plenty of cheer. 


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