You Are Going To Love These Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours.
Gone are the days when we left confetti in the wake of our wedding, in 2022 we are all about sustainable and stunning coming together in perfect harmony. We have scoured high and low for these fantastic sustainable wedding favours to gift your wedding party.
Let It Grow!
Why not gift your family and friends with the most breathtaking flowers….in the form of wildflower seeds to take home and nurture. They are sure to think of your and your bride or groom whenever they look out on their beautiful blooms. These lovely little bags are also totally biodegradable.
This one is perfect for brides on a budget. These super sweet bags are the perfect size for your hand-baked with love goodies. All while being biodegradable so you can kick single-use plastic where it hurts…right in the cookies.
Save The Bees Please!
Why not help do your bit for our buzzing buddies by sharing these stylish test tubes filled with Bee & Butterfly Friendly Flower Seeds. Bee-lieve it or not some flowers are actually not healthy for bees & butterflies. With this fabulous favour, your guest will be giving them all a safe place to land. We think that is just the bee’s knees!


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