Wedding Ideas Just For You


1. Leave the first row open in the ceremony. 

Traditionally the bridal party and grooms men would stand at the front at the sides of the bride and groom.

Why not let them sit down with the guests to enjoy the ceremony, 

2. Send a mood board with a colour scheme with the wedding invitations. 

This will help guests get the vibe of the wedding day and will make it super easy for them to pick their outfit.

3. Changing the flower girl. 

We have seen funny videos online where the grooms friends take on the role of the flower girl. The world is your oyster, you can use anyone you want.

4. Wedding day scent 

Have you thought of wearing a particular wedding day perfume? 

5. In memory table 

For the family members who have passed away. 

6. Guest wedding pictures 

Have you thought of giving guests a disposable camera to your guests? 


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