What to wear to a Christmas Party...

Not sure what to wear to a Christmas Party? We have you covered with key questions to get you thinking and some ideas. 

Is the event formal?

There might be a particular dress code you need to adhere to if it is a formal party or is it more informal and laid back? 

Do you feel confident?

Does your outfit make you feel good? A dress can look incredible on a hanger or model but it also needs to suits you. Everyone will have slightly different dress styles that suits their body. You may also want to show/ cover different areas of your body. 

Do you want to stand out or blend in?

Do you know what the other quests are wearing? Would you like to somehow match their style and vibe or would you like to stand out? 

Festive colours?

The colours and pattern of the outfit very quickly season the dress/ outfit. A dress is very quickly festive from its colour. Red green, white, sparkly and black with accessories are all very festive. 

Little Black Dress

This stunning detachable skirt is instantly very festive! The lovely ruffle along the bottom is very fun, playful and glamorous…what more could you want for a Christmas Party. 

Bow dress

LBows are festive as they are used on presents and in decorations, so why not have a bow on the dress? It is very festive and is perfect for a relaxed and formal Christmas Party. 

Sequins and lace

Sequins always add glamour to a dress making it just right for party during the festive season. 

Silver Sparkle

Christmas parties is all about the shimmer and sparkle. In a sparkly silver dress you will bring the party to a festive party. 


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