In love with the pleated skirt.

The pleated skirt has been a statement part of casual and smart fashion for a couple years now. Sticking around for all seasons. 

In our opinion, the first real iconic photo of the pleated skirt that comes to mind is the one of Marilyn Monroe in 1954 in her infamous flying skirt photo. The one were Marilyn is wearing a white dress with a pleated skirt standing over a vent near a subway station. While this may not be the first document of the pleated skirt, it sure is iconic . 

The original pleated skirt dates back to 1909 which was patented by Mariano Fortuny and named “fortuny”. Fortuny was a Spanish designer who created pleated skirts for celebrities. Today, the pleated skirts are in style and more popular than ever and is worn with anything from jumpers to crop tops. 

So… why can’t it make the skirt of a dream wedding dress? 

It makes a light airy trendy skirt have a look at the one we have created below. 


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